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That time of year (again)

It’s that time of year again when A LOT of us ask ourselves the big question(s), and I’m certainly not immune to that need. What are my goals for next year? Having scraped through yet another shitty year,… Read More

Everyone is safe

Three weeks in, three weeks out. Longer now, but I wrote these words, longhand, after I’d been out of hospital three weeks. I’m typing them now, with today’s point of view, so you can’t believe anything. What they… Read More

Day 16 – October 16 2018

Didn’t get my BP taken this morning. Waking up was hard enough. A nurse woke me at 8.10 to remind me to go and take my meds. They like to clear us out by 8.30 but I went… Read More

Day 6 – October 6 2018 *My First Weekend*

I’ve been thinking this morning about some of the group sessions, about values and goals. Values don’t have steps or end dates – they might change over time but that’s it. Like, I value music, but I don’t… Read More

Day 1 – October 1, 2018

Blood Pressure 92/68 She takes my blood pressure four times. I don’t want to tell my nurse not to be to worried, that my blood pressure is always low, but I don’t want to give her a hard… Read More

Should I post this on Facebook? (Spoiler alert, I did)

I want to post on Facebook: Hey who wants to go out tonight? One last drink? Maybe 3 or 5? For old time’s sake. We’ll talk shit. I promise not to talk about my feelings. I promise not… Read More

Le Questions to Ask Le Self

So I’m around the middle of my life right now (let’s hope) and it’s making me think of things done and things not done. I’ve added to my bucket list today but also found this terrific series of… Read More

Friday roundup

Even though I work on Saturdays, it still feels like Friday is the end of the week. I work in our shop for half a day with Jeff and it’s busy but still our fun day! It’s the… Read More

Le Bucket Liste

So I read about The 100 List recently. Sounds like a bucket list kind of thing but it’s a little different. It’s not a list of things you hope to do before you die. It’s a list of… Read More

Making decisions is hard!

This morning (a Sunday) I made the decision to stay in bed and read, fart around on Facebook, write a pros and cons list, watch my dogs sleep, play with the cat until she tries to kill me…… Read More