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That time of year (again)

It’s that time of year again when A LOT of us ask ourselves the big question(s), and I’m certainly not immune to that need. What are my goals for next year? Having scraped through yet another shitty year,… Read More

Day 18 – October 18, 2018

I promised myself that I would blog everyday while in here, even if it hurts, or it sucks. So, because I’m a little lost for words today (or I’ve become terribly boring), I’ve decided my day will be… Read More

Day 5 – October 5 2018 with MUSIC and a Photo of Me

BP 100/80 Standing 110/80 Well, amazing what can happen in a few short minutes. This morning, I pulled down my holland blind; this is how I learn that they are held up by magnets. I just pulled gently,… Read More

There was a time when all I wanted to do was speed everywhere

I fixed things I redecorated (still do a bit) I cooked I watched foreign movies – at the cinema! I made the bed every day (still do) I had friends I fucked I showered every day I listened… Read More

Read a free ebook this week!

Would you like to some Australian/Italian coming-of-age fiction set in Victoria in the 1970s? My novel, “Floating Upstream”, has been enrolled in the 2017 Smashwords “Read an Ebook” promotion, which means it’s FREE for a few days, as… Read More

Sometimes you want to disappear into your made up world

Sometimes you want to disappear into your made up worlds. You want to have all of their lack of give-a-shits. You want to much more than this thing you have now. You feel owed. Why are you still… Read More

Fucking Mercury Retrograde!

So I don’t usually believe in astrology. I know that certain signs conform to certain traits, but I certainly don’t read my daily astrology because, who cares? But I DO believe in TWO major astrological phenomena: 1. The… Read More

A poem that inspired a book

This, poem, written by Rimbaud when he was 16, inspired by Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, will inspire my next novel. Not so much the poem itself, but the poet, and his life. I came across… Read More

Why couldn’t I write science fiction or fantasy or mystery?

Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I don’t write “popular fiction”, while at other times I’m completely smug about it. Mostly, I feel smug, and then I check out the best-seller lists and bemoan again. This week, I’ve… Read More

The Outsider

When I was a kid, I discovered the work of SE Hinton and absolutely devoured her books and watched the movie adaptations. Her books have informed what I write about. You should read The Outsiders. It’s a very naive look… Read More