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Floating Upstream


Julia Marconi has a simple dream, to get out of Goldburne, the stinking hot town in rural Australia, where she’s followed the rules her whole life, and to take adventures far away from her violent father whose only goal is to maintain his old world values in changing times. But Julia can’t help herself. She longs for true love, and Robbie Ventura and a bunch of Carnies arrive in town to make a mess of things for her just as she’s getting ready to settle in and stay out of trouble. It’s all so tantalising. Just a taste here and there won’t hurt. After all, she’s an excellent liar. So with her brother’s motto stuck in her head – Don’t get caught – Julia tries to survive the last year of high school without getting caught (or getting knocked up like the other losers at school). All she has to do is spend the last year of the 70s with her head afloat, despite the currents dragging her away from her goals. But Goldburne and her father have eyes and ears everywhere, and her parents have made plans for Julia that don’t involve starting the new decade and new life in the city. Promises made before Julia was born and key to maintaining the lies that span three generations, a war and a secret that means Julia may end up like Maria Gervase – knocked up and married by 19.

The paperback edition of Floating Upstream features a stunning, velvety cover, and cream paper, giving it that vintage feel.

332 pages

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