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Day 18 – October 18, 2018

I promised myself that I would blog everyday while in here, even if it hurts, or it sucks. So, because I’m a little lost for words today (or I’ve become terribly boring), I’ve decided my day will be… Read More

Day 10 – October 10, 2018

The one where I meet a real Russian! BP: 124/60 My temperature is a little low. I woke up without a “wake up” knock because I didn’t take any Seroquel last night. I was trying a theory and… Read More

Day 9 – October 9, 2018

The one where they teach us about self-compassion. Studies have shown that entrepreneurs become entrepreneurs because they want to. But, the ones who remain successful are those who are self-compassionate in times of hardship or failure. Wait, am… Read More

Day 6 – October 6 2018 *My First Weekend*

I’ve been thinking this morning about some of the group sessions, about values and goals. Values don’t have steps or end dates – they might change over time but that’s it. Like, I value music, but I don’t… Read More

There was this time. Not now, naturally.

I wore my dad’s wedding suit, all lovingly hand-stitched, on two major occasions: The first time was when i was 16, a school dressup, I went as a member of the mafia. Not mine, necessarily, because as far… Read More

Read a free ebook this week!

Would you like to some Australian/Italian coming-of-age fiction set in Victoria in the 1970s? My novel, “Floating Upstream”, has been enrolled in the 2017 Smashwords “Read an Ebook” promotion, which means it’s FREE for a few days, as… Read More

Elusive as fuck

One day looks like the other day Looks the same as tomorrow Eat shit bullshit repeat Joy is pretend Found between the sofa cushions with a bunch of stale unsalted peanuts and one sugared almond Joy’s the sugared… Read More

Fucking Mercury Retrograde!

So I don’t usually believe in astrology. I know that certain signs conform to certain traits, but I certainly don’t read my daily astrology because, who cares? But I DO believe in TWO major astrological phenomena: 1. The… Read More

A thousand million years ago

A thousand million years ago I ran away from home (for the second time out of four) and took up a room in Geelong. Pretty sure it was a big old rooming house with 9 other women (also… Read More