Award winning author, coach, journalist, businesswoman, traveller, pasta and bread maker, one-time roller derby wanna-be, wife and feminist—I’m on a mission to get women talking. From my beginnings as a new arrival to Australia in 1971, living in state housing with parents who spoke no English, I have made it my life purpose to tell stories of the hidden and forgotten lives of women.

With a postgraduate degree in languages, linguistics and writing, I have spent my life capturing and telling stories of women who feel voiceless but who actually have big stories to tell.

You’ll find me in the archives of the unRipe podcast for childless women; Say What, a podcast about words, history, language, and a bit of folk psychology; my Novels and Short Stories, and articles over more than 25 years.

My women’s circles are a place of joy, where we heal sister wounds, and discover our purpose on this beautiful planet.

These days, I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband of 28 years, four cats and two dogs.