I decided to make another file with an ongoing list of what I'm currently reading online. The original file #amreading is too nerdy, and I don't want to sully it with frivolous stuff.

The Reading Wars in the Atlantic

I read recently that reading about the past is actually more educational than reading about current events. The reason is that with hindsight, we can see what happened and then apply it to the present.

So I’m here to say to parents and school people: look to the past to see what has worked. Don’t just dismiss the past because it’s “old-fashioned” or “lacking in today’s moral code” and blah blah. Kids will not have better outcomes and those who want to escape, will. And those kids will become the manual labourers and admin and show salesmen or whatever. And that’s not to disparage either the working class or the roles. We need those people for the world to turn. Those people are great.

Look, I’m saying all this as a migrant who has NEVER EVER been read to, and didn’t know english until I started school at 4. Yes, yes, stop wringing your smooth hands, we’re all different…

Signed “not a parent”

PS. If anyone thinks that not bring a parent means “I have no idea”, sorry to burst the bubble, childless people often have more of an idea of what is right. You’re too close to the problem, like a psychiatrist trying to heal himself. We can see beyond your terror.

PPS. The reason anyone can’t read is because they don’t read, they scroll through phones. Take away their phones, their car keys and their money. Hell, put an ankle monitor on them. If you have unruly kids and others don’t, it’s because of your decisions. If you don’t read but spend hours on your phone, then guess what? Reckon your kid will? Sure there are outliers…


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