I LOVE LOVE LOVE music and could never imagine a day without it.

July 2022: Indie Instrumentals playlist by Mike Kasarda.

This song slays me everytime.

October 2021: Mexican Folk Music

In particular Chavela Vargas.

June/July 2019: I’m obsessed with the Beatles again, like I used to be. I listened to an incredible series of Podcasts that went through album by album, so I started listening to them again from start to finish. There’s nothing like listening to an album the way it was intended. The “shuffle” button should be banned!

That said, I created a Fantasy White album. Here is is. Remember you’ll need to be logged into Spotify to hear the songs in their entirety.

April 2019: I’m listening to SASAMI. A lot. And anything remotely related to her.

Right now – October, 2018

I’m in what I like to call “the asylum” but it’s really just a swanky psych ward at a private hospital. I even have my own room and bathroom, and a window with a half decent view.

Here’s the current playlist, aptly titled Jo’s Sad Bastard Hospital Music.