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Late night reading

It’s late; clearly my finest writing time. I see a lot of sadness here. There’s a drug and alcohol section but it’s separated from us, the regular depressives. But even they are sad, managing their sadness, anger, frustration,… Read More

Day 2 – PM – October 2, 2018

I accidentally took Seroquel at 3pm today. Let me explain: I had Valium at, let’s say say 2pm. I then spend some time sobbing in public. I then spend more time sobbing in private. So at, let’s say… Read More

Day 2 – October 2, 2018

People who don’t know what bi-polar means, or even bi-polar 2, for that matter, and just think of it as anxiety or a bit of OCD or being “on the spectrum”, which seems the latest catch phrase if… Read More

I want to become a minimalist (or: Why does my stuff mean so much to me?)

Recently, I watched Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.(I think you can buy it on itunes or something, but in true minimalist style, I downloaded a torrent version then passed it on). And it’s kinda rocked my… Read More

Letter to a friend

I’ve been abandoned, and I have abandoned. Here’s the list: Bernadette Luvara – I left town with my parents when I was 10. We didn’t have Facebook. Sorry. Nicolina Grimaldi – I felt superior. I didn’t respect you…. Read More

Jealousy and Disappointment

Today I cried and made a choice. Today I chose the wrong way but I know I chose it. There’s nothing like walking into your bedroom to find your lover staring at the wall, defeated. Because I made… Read More

Making decisions is hard!

This morning (a Sunday) I made the decision to stay in bed and read, fart around on Facebook, write a pros and cons list, watch my dogs sleep, play with the cat until she tries to kill me…… Read More

Fucking Mercury Retrograde!

So I don’t usually believe in astrology. I know that certain signs conform to certain traits, but I certainly don’t read my daily astrology because, who cares? But I DO believe in TWO major astrological phenomena: 1. The… Read More

One time, I burned a book

This one time, when I was twelve, I burned a book. Not a book with cover – no back nor front – but a book, anyway. The book contained 112 pages of angst the size of a high… Read More

A thousand million years ago

A thousand million years ago I ran away from home (for the second time out of four) and took up a room in Geelong. Pretty sure it was a big old rooming house with 9 other women (also… Read More