And the List Goes On

I’m forever writing lists. I LOVE making lists. I make lists at work of things I need to do. I make lists on the white board on my fridge of things I need to buy and things I need to do. I have an old school bag from, like, Grade 2 when I went to St Mary’s. It’s one of those way-before-backpack do-das that looked like little suitcase made of cardboard. It was almost as big as I was. But anyway, on the inside is a list of my best friends at the time. I think Bernadette was really my best friend at the time because I was new and she had loads of freckles but we must have had a fight so she was off the list. Then there’s my favourite book from that era, The Silver Crown and I’ve written a list of my favourite TV shows inside the front and back cover (next to a bunch of Tattslotto numbers). Greatest American Hero (written as Greatest USA Hero) – the show where I first heard the word “scenario”, was on top.

So now that I’m reaching some big numbers of my own, not unlike the long chain of Tattslotto numbers mentioned above. Here’s a new list (in no particular order) that will grow and grow.

  1. Write at least one book
  2. Enter The Age short story competition every year
  3. Enter 2 other short story competitions each year
  4. Walk daily
  5. Learn to swing dance with Jeff
  6. Become financially independent
  7. Have a baby – what the hell, have 2
  8. Find my passion
  9. Learn to play the guitar
  10. Retire early
  11. Move out of the city
  12. Visit Our Lady of Fatima on Jazzy Jeff’s birthday (which happens to be the day of the Miracle)
  13. Meditate or learn to focus without thinking – whatever that’s called
  14. Organise my photos – seriously have to do this
  15. Learn not to judge people
  16. Buy a brand new car – anything, just brand new – and respect it
  17. Read all of the books on my reading list by 2010
  18. Finish writing this list