sewing with the ladies and other subversive acts…

The idea for next year is to get seriously active. No, not by running around the fields of Matthews Hill, but by making all manner or stuff that has no useful purpose. We started a very adhoc stitch and bitch this year and the plan is to keep up the momentum. Maybe get involved with the Melbourne Craft Cartel? There’s such a huge indie craft community on the web but is there anything local? Is it time to start something? Or maybe I’ll just keep it cruisy, send out some invites and see what comes of it.

So here’s the plan for the coming year – starting now:

  • Watch less TV √
  • Finish recycling Mr Lincoln flower wrap – I have all the parts and I’ve sketched it up
  • Make pouf √
  • Make prototype felt kits before Christmas – ideas and sketches done
  • Organise one Stitch’n’bitch before Christmas – on its way – I’m calling it the  Crafty Cnuts
  • See the shrink one more time before the end of the year
  • Work out why I’m feeling so shitty
  • Figure out what my soul’s gift is – um, yepp, I’m listening to some self help podcasts
  • Make Christmas ornaments – on track
  • Decide if I want to be a WW leader
  • Make a “chandelier” light for the study
  • Write my goals