10 things I hate about me and some I like…

Well perhaps not 10 exactly. No, not New Year’s resolutions but, anyway…Although as I write this I’ve already made a new resolution, while walking home from the station today. I decided that there are two things I can do. Only two. Because I like to think in black or white. I’m like that. So I decided that I could either stop whinging about it (whatever “it” is today) and do something about it, or let it go. So that’s it.

In the meantime, here are a few of my PROBLEMS – bold, all caps.

  1. I think I need someone to tell me to shut up and stop whinging. Not as gently like JJ does it.
  2. I don’t have anything I’m really passionate about and keep looking high and low, over yonder, hither and thither.
  3. I feel hopeless and dark blue about:
    – the future;
    – lack of passion;
    – thinking, constantly, about how I feel, don’t feel;
    – the long wait for someone to give me answers, such as my
    * hypnotherapist – yes, really
    * therapist
    * weight watchers leader
    * JJ
    * T’Red
    * Momo
    * Renee Stephens
  4. Am I sad that I’ve given up writing?
  5. The kid thing.
  6. Not practicing my goals.

So what are the things that I DO  want?

  1. To be happy and healthy.
  2. To have a relaxed and healthy relationship about food.
  3. To enjoy and appreciate my family and friends.
  4. To be free from anxieties.
  5. To enjoy the work that I do.
  6. To have a career that nurtures and is of value.
  7. To write goals and practise them.
  8. To se JJ fulfilled and happy.
  9. To read more and enjoy my time.
  10. To watch less TV.
  11. To enjoy every moment with JJ.
  12. To be more open and honest with the ‘rents.
  13. To live life with no regrets.
  14. To stitch more.
  15. To understand my child free life and love it.

That’s all for now.