New stuff

I read this fab post on Radicalcrossstitch and have decided that I must learn to make tapestries. So I’ve been traipsing around on the interwebs and found this delightful video that shows how to weave on a frame! No machinery, just some nails, an old frame and some scraps of fabric. This is my kind of art!

Here’s another great link to ye olde gothic tapestry techniques.
I will research my trusty New Idea craft book tonight in between study and watching the new series of Project Runway (US).

On another note, I have a brand new very old sewing machine. It’s the same brand as my mum’s ancient foot peddle one – Necchi – and despite the fact that I DO NOT trust her judgement on pretty much everything, when it comes to sewing, she’s the expect and I trust her completely. Look, it’s a pretty brown!

The thing is, my rather new Singer (around 10 years old) costs me the same price to service it everytime it fucks up as this machine cost and seeing that I’ve been taking mine in to be repaired almost on a yearly basis, I’m proud to own something that will live forever. It’s made of heavy-duty stuff.


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