I’ve been busy

Because i have the theory that idle hands are the devil’s playthings and all that… here’s what I’ve been up to on my beautiful new (old) sewing machine that i got from Ebay for $100. It works a treat! Better than the brand new Janome I got ten years ago that I had to take in for repairs every couple of years. Mum still has her old Necchi that she brought with her from Italy and has had since the 60s. I grew up on that machine and it’s manual with a foot pedal. This one’s powered up…
Ah the marvelous, marvelous Necchi and my new pin cushion. I bought two HUGE bags of fabric scraps recently from a garage sale in Fitzroy held by the lovely people of Queen (on Smith Street). The scaps are pretty fab.
I got the stripy fabric for both of the cushions for one dollar! The buttons are Alanna Hill – my favourite fabric shop gets leftover designer odds and ends – and I got them for around 20 cents each – ridiculous!

Hanky cushions – I found these kiddy hankies at Spotlight – the reverse side is felt. I gave these two to my friend Rayna (she of the Melbourne Craft Cartel) who has surprise twins recently. Surprise!
Awesome Ikea fabric and I edged the cushion with some cotton tassel from the local fabric shop…
Originally a skirt – but I cut it too small! So it became a top.
A fird mobile. Well they’re meant to be birds but they came out looking like fish. Hence “firds”. Was also for Rayna although I had only planned for one baby, as had she!


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