This is my second home. Unless you count this other one, in which case it’s my third.

For the past few years now I’ve been looking, looking for what the hell I’m meant to be doing here. You can run through my rants over at BettyonaBox. And Ill still be ranting. It’s just that this one helps me get a more balanced approach to life – a little bit of Sunshine.

And while on this search I went to a life coach or two, two shrinks, a therapist and I even studied life coaching in the hope that it would rub off.

So I now seem to have come to this realisation that maybe I should just do it all and quit wondering if it’s THE right thing that I’m MEANT to be doing.

So, given how I tend to chop and change what I’m into so regularly and I’m into so many things, I’m changing the focus of this blog a little. It’s now a space for me to explore all of the things that make me happy – craft, gardening, cooking, photography and art. Everything that makes my heart sing, really. And by doing all of those things, maybe, just maybe, I’ll find that elusive happy place.

Oh, as an adjunct, today is the day I start taking Lithium so I’ll be monitoring that as well. I’ll soon place a chart in the sidebar, if you’re interested. I’m sure there’ll be tonnes of fun and games there.

So I’m here at TGIF on Chapel Street (don’t shoot me, I needed an internet hotspot and they have one for an hour, free if you spend $10). I’ve just taken my meds, have had a hot chocolate and am about to have a Campari and lemonade (my last drink for a long time). It’s kinda nice here, at the bar, surrounded by smiley uniformed staff with walkie talkies. It’s nicely American. And I do like American. I mean, I’m married to one.


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