The thing about Melbourne…

I love big cities and, along with JJ, I’ve seen a few and j’adore each of them for different reasons. For example:

  • New York – Where else can you walk around all day saying “hey, that’s my favourite painting. No, that’s my favourite. hang on, that’s…”?
  • Cairo – I mean, taking a leisurely stroll in the shadow of a freaking pyramid – THE freaking pyramid!
  • Rome – Walking past the Colosseum on your way to work and saying ciao to the Pope.

And so on. And then there’s my hometown, Melbourne. I love it for so many reasons. For example:

A few things I’ve seen in and around Melbourne lately.

Here’s a novel idea. Great for locals. Great for tourists. Not cheap, mind you. And there are only a few drop off locations at the moment. Great for the environment, too so I don’t REALLY want to knock it. But here’s the rub. You have to bring your own helmet.

So, Lonely Planet take heed. Remind travellers to pack:

  • spare socks;
  • Australian language guide;
  • plenty of condoms;
  • a bike helmet.

Who the hell came up with that? Fire him. Yes, it’s got to be a him!

A spot of magic. Ok, so not quite IN Melbourne, but an hour away. There I was on a delightful walk in the forest on the way to Daylesford with Yoyo Betty Jr and Peaches Peakaboo and look at what I saw on the side of the road. No wonder we have so many hippies in the area.

I love the randomness of grafitti. Our artists are very prolific. This caught my eye in Flinder’s Lane near Degraves Street. Look closely…

This is real determination! Scoring coins in the National Gallery’s fountain early one morning. Smiled for me after this snap. Dude had not shame AT ALL.

And another of the Gallery – I used to hate this building but it’s my favourite now. The grey flat expanse is austere and quite melancholy in its bareness. Perfect for art.