Songs in the key of “oh my God we have a new piano”!

(with apologies to Stevie Wonder)

Now, I wouldn’t say that JJ and I are the spontaneous sorts. I mean, definitely impulsive, but not too spontaneous.

So un-spontaneous are we that a few years ago we went through this lovely (tedious for JJ) exercise of writing down things we would like to do and put them in a box for use on a boring day. Have we used any of them? That would be admitting defeat, right.

Impulsive, for sure. For example, two weeks ago JJ and I were coming home from the Little Chalet when we stopped in at the Salvos. We went our separate ways to make the most of our visit:

JJ: ”Hey Betty, there’s a piano over there.
Me:  ”Yeah, I know, I looked at it before. Wonder how much it is.”
JJ: “It’s eight fitty.”
Me (shock and awe): “Eight fitty for a piano at the Salvos?! Surely you can buy a new one for a grand or something. That’s a rort.”
JJ: “Yeah.”

JJ walks away and I keep looking through dodgy 80s fair isle jumpers that I want to felt.

A few moments, and 1 jumper, later.

JJ: “Betty! Betty!”
Me (I’m excited because JJ’s excited. We’re like emotional mirrors): “What it is JJ? What is it?”
JJ: “That piano. It’s not eight fitty. It’s three fitty.”
Me: “Three fitty?”
JJ: “Yeah, but one of the pedals is loose or something.”
Me: “Pedals? Who the fuck uses pedals? It’s not an organ. BUY IT.”

So we did.

A few minutes later.

JJ: “It’s done. But they can’t deliver it today. The driver’s nearly ready to leave.”
Me: “Hm. I want it today, JJ.”
JJ: “Well maybe if you talk to him. Offer him more money.”

Et voila! There were a few scratches and bruises but I got all DIY and found some wood stain in the garage and gave the wood an all-over wipe and it looks as good as new.

Take THAT Martha Stewart!