Hooray for me and Martha!

I was at my manic best last weekend, without the requisite come down that I’m anticipating to be around the corner. It’s not that I’m wishing doom and gloom upon myself, but I’ve been fairly buoyant for around 6 weeks now and history tells me that it’s been waaaay too long between mood swings. But while it’s here, I’m riding the sunshine wave. Sooooo…. I got busy!

I finally painted those tins and, seriously, such an anticlimax. I like them because they’re good storage but, meh, don’t know what the fuss is about. But it did give me the chance to use the paint that Jeff bought at a school fete many many years ago.

Next to the tins are a couple of bags of seed potatoes that we picked up from Diggers a few weeks ago. We got yummy kipflers and dutch creams and they’re going in this weekend. That first potato that I dig up in a few months is going to be the best!

And while I was painting the tins, I painted the potting table… Martha might be proud!

I repotted the hoya that an friend of mum’s gave me a year ago. Bad news… I decided to look up what to do with a hoya AFTER I repotted it. Seems that hoyas don’t like to have their roots messed with and prefer to be rootbound. Well, talk about doing things ass backwards. I can’t even bring myself to say what I did to its roots so I have everything cross that it won’t die. CRAP. Moral of the story – research FIRST. The aloe plant has been looking mighty sad, pale and lifeless. I thought I’d repot it and. whaddaya know, it had around 15 babies sucking from it. No wonder the poor thing looked tired. The good news is that I have heaps of aloe babies to give to friends. Here are just a few.

I also repotted all of the loquat seedlings that I’ve been nurturing since the end of summer. I was determined to grow them from the seeds of fruit that I’d savoured. I saved these seeds from the juiciest fruit that I had in Mildura last November. I’ve never had such fat, sweet loquats so I just had to grow this variety. I didn’t think that so many of the seeds would germinate so I have around 10 seedlings. Two for me, which are now planted in the garden, two for mum and the remaining seedlings will continue growing in pots until they’re ready for some guerrilla gardening in the neighbourhood.

So, with all this activity, all the beautifying, the gardening, the fixing, am I any better off? I dunno. I feel more accomplished. I like to surround myself with beauty. I like to tick a list.

I may not be a better person for it. And Martha Stewart really couldn’t give a crap either way, but I certainly feel like my weekend had some purpose.

And, sometimes, that’s the best anyone can hope for.


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