What to do when email is overwhelming you

Remember when email was AWESOME?

If you’re old enough to remember life before email (yes, I am, whatever) then you’ll also remember that emails (no pictures, just plain text files) took an entire night to download via dialup modem and they were chock full of– ok, maybe they weren’t so full love and interesting bytes, but getting an email was SO flippin EXCITING.

Nowadays, emails can be a total drag with nothing but Spam, Groupon deals you don’t want and, well, that’s kinda it. It’s like having a home phone line that only telemarketers use. 

Seems that anything personal comes via Facebook these days (and that’s another story for another time)…

I have one friend, yes only one, who still emails–until recently when we had an intervention for her started a Facebook account (that she’ll grow to love), which means all of my emails are business related. And after a weekend with Alexandra Franzen at her Write Yourself into Motion workshop in Melbourne, I learned that I really don’t need ALL the emails I get that clog my brain.

You know exactly what I’m talking about, right! Here is my top tip to taking back control of your motherflippin inbox.

Unsubscribe! Go through your inbox and sort by “from” Ask yourself, what is this regular email helping me to do? When did I last read one of them? Is it adding to my mental clutter? The likelihood is that most of the emails in your inbox are just adding to your mental clutter. So… Select the most recent email in the grouping and scroll to the bottom where the unsubscribe link is located. Then delete all of the emails in the group. Yes, sometimes you feel like crap, especially if you’re unsubscribing from a small, boutique website or blog. But you’re allowed! Go on, give it a try. You’ll be surprised what you won’t miss.

Still not sure? Read this, Alex is the Queen of email!


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