Amanda Palmer FTW

On Friday, I went to see Amanda Palmer for a signing of her book “The Art of Asking“.

And, yes, the whole night kinda blew my mind. 

Here’s a talented woman who’s still worried about asking for help when she doesn’t have all the answers. Here’s a talented woman who fears asking for help because she doesn’t want to be judged as having taken the “easy road”, because art has to be HARD! Sure.
Read her book. Think about your art. And if you’re not making any, what are you waiting for?
I Turned Out Okay – A Poem
I got knocked up when I was fifteen
But I turned out okay.
I dropped out of school after metal work
But I turned out okay.
I hid the pinches and the punches
But I turned out okay.
The same hand bathed me til I was ten
But I turned out okay.
The nuns called me out of class because I probably had nits,
But it didn’t bother me. I turned out okay.
I paint my nails with poison
Because I turned out okay.                                              
And want pretty nails to prove it.
Kitchen hand above the daily sink;
Taking orders;
Blown out candles in any colour at all
I don’t pay attention to the smoke from frankincense or myrrh
Or any other colonised fragrance that mows the lawns and settles on an outfit.
I swoon at the Windex-clean mirror, startled yet bejewelled,
A barren resemblance of a former self with the correct articles backed in a formal overnight bag filled with citrus skin and… and vanilla meringues.


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