Little Edie Beale or How the Hell is This the First Time I’ve Heard Of Her?

If you are into strange documentaries about, well, nothing, checkout Grey Gardens from 1975. The daughter is where spinsters came from, I swear!

“There’s nothing worse than a staunch woman. They don’t weaken, no matter what.”

Little Edie Beale – the cousin of Jacquie Jackie-Kennedy-Onassis and Big Edie – Little Edie’s mum and Jackie’s aunt, are haunting my dreams, and my wakings.

Two women who lived as they wanted, among cats and racoons and who knows what else. At once wearing a sweater as a mini skirt or even a scarf (because Little Edie had a smokin’ bod and suffered from alopecia totalis), Little Edie, who is 56 at the time the documentary, Grey Gardens, was filmed in 1975, is the kind of women that we degenerates, bohemians, and anti-norm-core women long to embody. She does not give a shit. Not about the house that is crumbling around her, and is the reason why their Hamptons community want them out, and the house condemned. Not about her lack of funds, which means she has to fashion skirts and scarves out of sweaters. Not even about the cats. So many cats.

What must it be like to live life with abandon like that. To truly, really not give.a.shit.

Grey Gardens turned the Beale girls into cult stars. It’s taken me nearly 53 years to learn about them. But I think my life has been altered.

You can watch Grey Gardens free on Youtube.