We women have a lot to answer for…

… Or not. Honestly. I am watching “Keep Sweet, Pray and Obey” on Netflix and it makes me curious (and furious). Did the women know that what was happening to them was wrong? Warren Jeffs married his sisters and then his own mothers. That’s mother’s, plural. How didn’t they know it was not okay? Or am I a prude who’s been married so long that I didn’t know this was now a popular thing . Tell me I’m wrong. Please.

How did we get this way? What part of history have I missed?

Some of the wives.
That’s their motto: Keep Sweet, no matter what.

This is something we have to answer for.

1. Why do the women submit and agree and believe?

2. Why do the men have the need to control like this? What has made them that way?

And for those women who rise up, how did you become so courageous? What happened to you that was so different that you were able to leave?