A giraffe walks into a bar, and other likely stories

A guy walks into a bar with jumper cables. The bartender says, “You can come in, but don’t start anything!”

Here’s my favourite joke ever and ever from when I was a kid.

Long, long ago an old Indian chief was about to die, so he called for Geronimo and Falling Rocks, the two bravest warriors in his tribe. The chief instructed each to go out and seek buffalo skins. Whoever returned with the most skins would be chief. About a month later Geronimo came back with one hundred pelts, but Falling Rocks never returned. Even today as you drive throughout the West you can see signs saying: WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ROCKS.

Not long after Jazzy Jeff and I met, we realised that back in primary school, even though we were on opposite sides of the globe, we both bought the same joke book through the school book club – 101 Hamburger Jokes: Meaty Jokes to Be Devoured with Relish.


Here’s just one example of its witticisms:

What did the hamburger say when it found out that most people liked hamburgers better than frankfurters?

Hot Dog!

Remember the brochures and how they had lucky bags and you didn’t know what you’d get? I think that’s how I got two copies of 100 Pounds of Popcorn.