Life and death and the glittery stuff in between…

Sometimes, things move me to the point of tears. Come on, I know you’ve been there – an old European man limps down your street and your heart skips a beat, or your puppy yelps dejectedly from the other room because she can’t jump up onto the bed. A few years ago, I saw a wonderful documentary about Mark Rothko that made me feel that same sadness with the grandness and scale of his work, the moodiness… And then I saw the real thing at the MOMA and all I could do was sit and stare and feel as though I was watching an old European man as he limped down the street.




My heart skips a beat.

And then this week JJ and I attended the opening of Julia DeVille’s new exhibition (alongside William Griffiths) at the Sophie Gannon Gallery in Richmond – “Night’s Plutonian Shore”. Inspired by Poe’s “The Raven” it’s a voyage into the artist’s inspirational world of life and death.

Disturbing? Sometimes.

But also poignant, whimsical and, surprisingly, optimistic.

We can only HOPE that we, too, will end our days here with jewels in our eyes.