There was a time when all I wanted to do was speed everywhere

I fixed things
I redecorated (still do a bit)
I cooked
I watched foreign movies – at the cinema!
I made the bed every day (still do)
I had friends
I fucked
I showered every day
I listened to music (I would rather die than stop learning about new music)
I walked the dogs
I looked for new projects and did them
I read (more)
I wrote (more)
I went to work
I wanted to have brutal conversations with interesting people
I made cool embroidered toys and shit
I didn’t want to sleep ever – I still want to stay up all night and be manic.
I thought that weed and smack and valium users were such dicks because who would want to sit back and be mellow and not talk alot and fix things, and write, and walk, and fuck, and talk about new music, and cook (not eat) and think, and have friends ?

I get it now.

All I want to do it be mellow.



Talk to nobody, just my dogs, not even my cats cos they be bitches.

I hope I write lots again.