This weekend

I’m still on that freaking Martha Stewart list, and keep adding to it. Here’s what I have left (that I care about):

  • Move the geraniums from the front yard into pots for the back garden – after listening to an excellent podcast on digitdownunder I must admit that I have a new fondness for the old-granny-plant. And I’m thinking of combining two tasks by potting them in the old crates we’ve found around and under the house during the renos.
  • Stick some happy wanderer in the ground so I don’t have to stare at ugly fencing when I do the laundry – well I haven’t got to this yet but I have planted a white and a purple variety on either side of the sunroom at the front of the house in the hope of improving its visual appeal – that’s my compromise. Jeff refuses to get rid of it and while I HATE it, the expense is too great when only one wants it to happen (kinda like ivf and having children… oh that’s another story). So let’s hope the happy wanderers do their job.
  • Paint around the windows of the sunroom – I tested the charcoal paint and I think it’s a winner. Now, if it would only stop raining. What is this! Isn’t there a drought or something?
  • The mint chandelier… I just had a brain wave – by combining two tasks again! Plant them in tins with drain holes… yes, that’s the plan.
  • I also want to make a heap of ceramic magnets with the white stoneware that I brought home from pottery.

Speaking of pottery – I’m afraid that half of the first batch of finished work has turned out to be an ugly disaster. Some photos to serve as a reminder that I must NEVER make pinch pots again. But coiling is ok.

Next week’s will be much better. A LOT of pieces being fired this week plus the ones that I’m glazing on Monday. I’m really happy with this first stage. Pottery is turning out to be quite a winner for me…


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