Out of the closet

I’m inspired by my friend Momo who is moving back to Melbourne (YIPPEE!) after a sojourn in a rural location and has done a massive offloading of STUFF. Plus this article from Whole Living (yes, yes, another freaking Martha Stewart magazine) was in my inbox this morning.

Now, while I can’t even pretend that I fit into the same jeans I wore in high school – like the person who wrote that article – I’ve found that I’m holding onto too much clothing. Some of it is quite good, classic stuff. But the rest is just good, but not classic. I just like it.

So this weekend, I’ll be exorcising the wardrobe and for each and every item, I’ll ask myself:

How does this make me feel?

Am I waiting for it to fit again or come back into fashion?

Is this the person I want to be now?

And this is how it will look when I’m done. Absolutely exactly like this.


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