If on a snowy, spring day, somewhere near Melbourne.

Excuse me?

That’s correct. October 15, 2010. We’re down at the country estate, 1 hour west of Melbourne.

Did I mention that it’s the middle of SPRING? SPRING.

There was one inch of snow in Daylesford and a little less in Hepburn Springs. JJ and I were asleep in the loft when Papa bear woke us up in his dulcet tone:

“Oi, you two. Get up. It’s freaking snowing.” (ok, he may have actually said, “eh, yooi tooi, cumma onna, issa snowa”.)

“What’s he talking about?” I say to JJ.

“He says it’s snowing,” JJ croaks back.

We tumble down the new staircase and, lo and behold, it’s freaking snowing. It’s actually snowing, in October, an hour from Melbourne.

I mean, tulips and snow?