Who’s a schizo, then?

Talk about schizophrenic.
I am literally writing everyday at the moment, and I’ve never written such a diverse array of material. Whether it’s this blog, or various websites, or even…

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Not entirely unfamiliar
 with non-fiction writing thanks to the years as a journalist. Plus, I ask a lot of questions. Still, I’m using someone else’s words and can’t embellish–that’s been very hard. It’s meant a lot of focus, and really getting into Simonne’s mind and voice, which seems to come naturally. I feel like I’m possessed. 
1. The autobiography I’m ghostwriting/co-writing 
While draft three is with four readers and I’m writing my agent queries, I’ve been redrafting… 

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2. A short story
I grabbed a chapter from an old manuscript that centred on a telephone call. It explores my usual obsession with death, but also looks at a woman who is schizophrenic and plays with suicide.
Looking at this story, and previous one, The Seventh Day, the main protagonists are barely present in their own lives. They skirt around the edges, and we see them through others. It’s like drawing with charcoal. You shade around the picture you want to see, leaving light on the page. That’s what these characters are. Other people surround them and form them, even when they don’t say or do anything.
And while this story stews, I’ve been outlining and researching…
3. The Immortals trilog
What? This one came totally out of left-field and has me wondering–what the hell is it? Is it sci-fi? Fantasy? Paranormal? Well, according to the lads over at Writing Excuses, it’s Urban Fantasy. Me, urban fantasy? It’s nuts, but after weeks of researching and outlining, I’m completely embracing what is a very new genre for me.
I’ve only ever written standard literary fiction but I guess I’ve dabbled with it as a reader–I studied Philip K Dick, have been obsessed with the Vampire Diaries and Twilight (yes, I admit it, whatever), Lord of the Rings–and I watch a bit of it–True Blood, Heroes, Buffy–so I guess it isn’t a huge stretch.
But a trilogy? Yep, I’ve already got the premise of each book plotted out.
I hardly know who I am anymore, and I’m loving it!

So now, back to it…


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