Something’s afoot

So plenty has been happening over here but I’ve been a bit busy actually DOING that I haven’t had as much time to write about it. I’m about to finish my second term of pottery and it’s seriously the best handcraft I’ve learned in years. Between the day job, pottery, writing a memoir (not mine – more about that another time), hanging with Jeff and renovating the other house, it’s been fun.

We have so much growing at the moment. The herbs that I moved from the old veggie patch are loving the full sun in their new home. I planted lemongrass a few weeks ago and it’s going great guns. The tomato seedlings are not growing too well. I have no idea what that’s about because a compost tomato plant is doing well. The weather’s been so weird – we’ve had so much rain and it’s been a super-cold spring so I’m sure that’s got a bit to do with what’s happening in the veggie patch. It’s going to be ok though. We also have eggplant, lettuce, leek, radishes, snowpeas, yellow beans, potatoes and onions growing. I think I’ll mulch tomorrow and give the garden a drenching with blood and bone.

So here is a story, in pictures, of spring in the garden and some new pottery pieces.

Clockwise from top left: New pottery, the hard rubbish score have been cleaned and are
ready to be painted, the first of the season’s hydrangeas, our very first cherries! 

Clockwise from top left: poppies in the pond, wild figs from the tree in the gnome
pond, the potatoes are coming, the first strawberry


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