Reverb 7 – Community

December 7 – Community
Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?
(Author: Cali Harris)

Well, 2010 was the year when I realised something huge about community – you can’t force it. Oh, and my community sucks ass – I know, I know, that’s a negative statement with which to blanket my entire hood’ but it’s how I roll.

This year, I tried to create community by:

  • Starting free craft classes – they were ok, but just ok. I certainly wasn’t warmed by the glow of community spirit.
  • Joining an online writing group – but writing and talking about writing ain’t writing.

Actually, I think that’s all I’ve done in the name of community. I did, however, enrol in a pottery class and when I’m there, I feel like I’m part of a little community of folks who are trying to make things prettier (and sometimes not so pretty). For example:

A huge part of this year for me and JJ was getting our little shack in the country. It’s amazing how a part-time home can make you feel more like you’re part of a community than your full-time home. There’s the general store with the same faces, the neighbours who come over for tea and whatever’s on offer, the local potter who lives in 13 freight containers, the boys at the cafe, the old friend we didn’t know had moved out that way that we catch up with every now and then, the burlesque girls. We’re not in each other’s pockets out there, but there’s the connection you get from seeing the same familiar faces. Of course, the true locals probably look at us and go, “haha, look at those damned city folk and their city ways.”

I wouldn’t want to force it in 2011 cos it’s when things happen organically that they tend to stick for me and, if they don’t, I couldn’t give a rat’s because I’m not so hung up on it being so.