Hello – is there a lazy writer in the house? Say aye.

It seems that I’m a lazy writer.

Oh really?

So I don’t like the query process… The thought of trying to distill eighty thousand words into less than one page makes me sick–perhaps that’s why I had gastro last week.

Then there’s the synopsis. All that marketing speak–it’s completely unnatural for a writer to write like that. If I knew how to market, I would work in marketing–there’s a lot more money in it, guaranteed.

To all of that, I say: Meh

So call me lazy. Actually, please don’t. I’ve just written eighty thousand words, and rewritten them, and edited them, only to find a hundred holes so I patched them up, which caused a rewrite. I’m on draft 4, officially, which doesn’t take into account all of the unofficial drafts and the sleepless nights.

So, just try calling me a lazy writer…

I just wish somebody else would do the boring bits for me. Any takers?
*this is (not) me, being lazy–god, how I wish… 


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