Where there’s a cat, there’s a way

Family Day Out

At the end of the week or beginning of a new week, I reflect on what was and what is to come.

Monday Tarot

Question: What is stopping me from writing?

Six of pentacles
The number six represents harmony growth and cooperation. The Pentacles represent Earthly, material possessions, money and finances, work and the earth. Pentacles indicate success and abundance, reward, diligence, success, accomplishment, and security.

Given my question, it’s a reminder that success is rewarded through diligence, and remember to give back.

A man, probably wealthy looking at his get-up. In my Witches Tarot Deck, it’s a lovely day, bright and shiny, which symbolise happiness and prosperity. The man gives money (the coins or pentacles) to the children, who are beggars in the Rider Waite deck. The children wear torn clothing. The money man is dressed in green satin or velvet plus a fur collar suggesting his wealth. He has so much wealth he can give it away, and the kindness on his face indicates generosity. And there’s a playfulness in the way he drops the coins in the kid’s hands. In the Rider Waite version, the man is holding a scale.

The lesson of this card is giving and receiving, but more from an energy perspective, not money.

A card of generosity, of sharing attention or gifts, assistance, talent, emotional support. Is he gladly paying a “karma debt”?

It’s time to do the work.

Photos of the week

This is the interior of a witch’s doll house. It’s so tiny and detailed.
Another angle of the witch’s doll house. I adore doll houses. I never had one, and I feel somewhat cheated, lol. If I had kids, this is the kind of dollhouse we would make together.



Favourite experience/s of the week

Going to the Cat Lovers Show and then popping into the Food and Wine Festival next door and meeting Harry Tomlinson from Masterchef. It was just the best.

Reading/read this week

I am reading “The Day Before Happiness” by Erri De Luca, a Neapolitan author. It is sublime and so rich for what is, really, a novella. I’m reading Italian authors right now, and I’ve never felt so represented. The Day Before Happiness is a coming of age novel about a young orphan in Naples during and post WWII, and his friend, an older man, also an orphan, and with a secret. I won’t spoil it.

Listening to

My perennial favourite playlist “80s songs that did not suck”. It’s a short playlist. Enjoy.


During the day while I work, I love to watch simple, silly sitcoms on my iPad and right now I’m watching the Love Boat from episode one. There were nine seasons!

Picking in the garden

Mainly dog poo


Cacciocavallo cheese, grilled in a pan, draped all over sourdough. I grabbed some samples of pickles and Parma ham from other vendors at the Food and Wine Expo and made a meal of it. I dropped it on myself half way (🤦‍♀️), but it was delicious.