Nothing is true

I read Seth’s blog this morning with trepidation.

If anything, indeed everything, can be faked, can we believe anything we see unless we are seeing it in person, with our own eyes?

“Before mass media, every citizen only had the experiences they saw firsthand–and the rumors. Sometimes they were true, often, not so much.

The ease with which someone can invent and spread lies is going to take most of us by surprise. It’s going to require an entirely new posture for understanding the world around us.

Every day is April Fools from now on, let’s not get fooled.”

Seth Godin – Checking the Date

If the assumption is that every digital piece of information can be manipulated, deep-faked, AI’d, then won’t we simply stop believing everything we are told or even see online? In fact, won’t it become even more imperative to doubt everything we haven’t experienced personally?

More evidence that the map is not the territory.

You can read Seth Godin’s post HERE