Back from the States with a few insights and such…

LA Insight #1
Take a boy and a girl and dump them in the middle of what is often referred to as “boy town” and what do you get? A boy and a girl suffering from sleeping-tablet induced jet lag and in desperate need of some non-airline food. So off we went up a huge freaking hill the size of Mount Hotham (seriously – have I mentioned how I hate to climb?) and in the distance, past Johnny Depp’s Viper Room and past the Chateau Marmont, where Jim Belushi died met a rather undignified end, and there it was. The promised land. No, not Taco Bell, but Pinchas Taqueria – the best damned taco stand this side of of Tijuana.

LA Insight #2
The three guys sitting next to us in the fancy kebabery on Santa Monica Blvd are probably in the movies (they are), as is the cute French dude in the cafe (he was writing a play). Everyone in Hollywood is a movie star and they have the tan, white teeth and great body to go with their aspirations. Driving through Beverly Hills is like being dropped into an episode of All that aside, I now know that Seinfeld was NOT filmed in New York and that Dr Phil and his wife are NOT getting a divorce.

I feel like I’m on a TV show, seriously.