The happiest day…

We had hard rubbish collection a week ago and Jeff and I gladly shed a few hundred kilos of crap from the garage.


Along the way (thanks to a dog walk I just HAD TO HAVE around the hood), I picked up a couple of “new items” that need some upcycling, like this pouf.

I picked it up from the pile next door and it’s around 50 years old. My neighbour got it for her 7th birthday.

I also picked up some outdoor furniture that needs a good clean and paint before I take any photos.

But today I found the motherload! Jeff and I pulled into the parking lot at the train station this morning and there they were, sitting all pretty on the top of a heap, and here they are now… the shoes I’ve searched for, ebayed for, begged for, since I was a kid. I just picked them up, not even looking at the size, and just whacked them in the car hoping against hope that they’d fit. And you know what? THEY DO!!!


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