You see… the thing is…

I have been writing a woman’s memoir for the past year, and in order to do that, I’ve had to toss everything aside–that includes craft and my sanity.
I have my sanity back somewhat, even though others might disagree, and I’m starting to think of craft again. In the meantime, I’ve launched an Etsy store for my brother in law, who is a mad collector of native American turquoise and silver. The store is called Silverdreaming and you can see a few pieces in the left sidebar. Such beautiful pieces too. I’m pleased to be able to offer them on Etsy for him. I’ve sold one already, ironically to someone in New Mexico, which is where the jewellery came from originally.
As things are warming up in the garden, I’m going to start adding manure, Dynamic Lifter and extra mulch to get things moving along.
Photos to come.


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