Hooray for me and Martha! #2

Holy crap, after weeks and months of prepping the front garden – first by removing all of the “lawn” – if you can call it that, with the drought we’re having – then putting down the weed mat, getting in new yummy soil and making our little hills, we finally got mulch in on the weekend from our favourite local garden centre that reeks of cigarette smoke and I just want to get out of there as quickly as possible. We spent Saturday afternoon landscaping and I’m still in pain.

I’ve been collecting succulents for years so it’s great to see them being used in the garden for once. They can spread out and really rustle their feathers now and GROW. And yes, when I say “collecting”, this may have included some illegal activity. Here, let me practice my favourite line of defence (that I haven’t had to use. Yet)
“But officer, I have NO IDEA how that plant got into my shoe/sock/underwear…”
Wherever I go, I just simply have to collect a piece. Anyway, let’s not dwell.

I finally did some seed sowing as well. I bit the bullet after reading a tonne and even going to the Digger’s Club seed sowing class a week ago, which was excellent and gave me the opportunity to check out the Heronswood Garden in Dromana, which everyone should check out some time (I promise I didn’t collect anything at Heronswood that I didn’t pay for). Learned some useful sowing tips and got a fab watering tool. Check it.

They didn’t try to do the hard sell but the few products I did buy are excellent, like the seed watering nozzle above. You can use it on any plastic bottle and it doesn’t disturb the seeds. Clever little invention!

We got a few more seeds, including seed potatoes, and a membership.

Did I say that I AM Martha Stewart? Looking at my sowing station might answer that question. I TRY!


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