Shut Up & Eat Chocolate

I’m a Tarot newb, so I need to keep it simple. I drew this card on Saturday and really started to get how tarot can be useful. I drew the Fool, then allowed myself to think about the Fool’s lessons throughout the day, and it shifted my perspective so many times. I went and did the thing I really don’t enjoy—shopping for clothes. Every time I faced a roadblock like this:

  • Why didn’t you grab multiple sizes? Now you have to go back out.
  • This will never fit/look good on you.
  • Mutton dressed as lamb
    and etc…

Instead, I just remembered the lesson of the card—go forth with an open mind and heart, be innocent, be an explorer, be curious, and just let things be as they are. This meant that I walked into a store I’ve never walked into before. And that leads me to…

Photo of the week

The Lady Wears Black

I bought my first pair of Doc Martens.

Is this my middle-aged, red sports car? When I was a teen in the mid-80s, there was no way that the only daughter of two migrant Sicilians could even ask for a pair of tough looking boots. And there is no way we could have afforded them. By the time I was earning my own money, I was a poor uni student and every cent I earned was needed for cigarettes, weed, food and rent. The chances of finding a pair of Docs at an op shop were less than slim. And then I just never did it. So as I was passing the Doc Marten store on Saturday, I thought… I can afford Doc Martens now. Let’s see what happens.

I was served by a delightful boy and saw a couple, around my age, grey, just regular folk, with probably their teenage daughter. They were wearing Docs. And not just any old Docs. So I asked them:

So, Docs hey?

And we bonded. I bought a pair of 8-hole in black, then I wore them out today and felt like a boss. But question. Do I have to worry about the colour of my laces?

Favourite experience/s of the week

That experience of following the day in a more engaged and less “get away from me or I’ll cut you” was pretty epic. I left food on my plate at lunch, I followed a whim. I even got curious about a woman thumbing through panties in the Honey Birdette shop, and made up a delicious story about where she would end up with her red panties.

Reading/read this week

An excellent article about the French woman who started the anti-femicide movement and has been cancelled and kicked out of her movement. It’s a kick-in-the-heart kind of read. Click the photo to read it.

Photo of Marguerite Stern by Pauline Makoveitchoux

Listening to

Still on the Radfem front, a great podcast episode of Things Fell Apart. You know when you think you know something, and then a documentarian comes along and shows you a different angle that you didn’t know existed. That’s how this episode, Many Different Lives, landed for me. I wonder how it will resonate for you?


My very first chocolate making at home. I tempered couverture chocolate, mofos! They are filled with fig jam, some have nuts. I really just wanted to see what it was like. The chocolate shells could be shinier, and that comes from… wait for it… buffing the hard moulds with cotton balls. The more you buff, the shinier they come out. 


Masterchef seems to be the go at the moment. Plus Casual. It’s fun for an evening of not too strenuous watching – like Friends from College or even Grace & Frankie but told from the POV of the kids. Oh, and as it was my birthday this week, and we watched Purple Rain!

Picking in the garden

Feggedaboudit. It’s winter!