What is your Kelly Harrington?

As I sit here on the wrong side of midnight contemplating both the SexPo ads during Roseanne and my dog’s hiccups, I’m trying to answer the question posed today by Dr Ray over at www.cutthefatpodcast.com:

What is your Kelly Harrington?


Well, for Dr Ray, Kelly Harrington was the catalyst that got him to move his ass and do something about his weight when he was 12 when she said “You’re fat, give me back my shoe” (Go and listen to his ultra motivating Episode 33 for some context)
Kelly became his motivation, his obsession that got him up and running.
So what’s your Kelly Harrington? What shakes your world up and motivates you?
Here’s the formula we need, according to Dr Ray:


When the WHY is big enough, the HOW will present itself. One of the biggest things I got out of this podcast is that once you’ve found the BW, don’t go looking for information, just go ahead and DAD to get AR.

Big Why x Do Anything Differently = Amazing Results
Indeed. My Big Why is that I love to tell stories.

But is that a big enough BW? How about, I’ve tried to quit but keep coming back to it? Why not…

My “Do Anything Differently” was to quit work. Work has been my excuse for not writing enough. It’s the biggest thing I could have done differently to get the results.

Has it worked? Somewhat. I’m still looking for information — and this is interesting because last week, my friend Rachael told me to “just get started”, stop researching and GO, which I did, but I’m still holding on to old ways a bit.

BUT… I’m determined to start on the actual manuscript before Christmas. I’m giving myself a few more weeks of research. I can’t cut the cord that quickly, can I?


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